La Casa Clu

Walk a Mile in My Shoes- A FUN Raising Campaign


THANK YOU…Muchos Gracias for your love and support through the “Walk A Mile in My Shoes” campaign spearheaded by Belle of Ashland, Oregon, to buy the land that La Casa Clu currently resides on. When the $30,000. has been raised, the fund will distribute itself to the appropriate parties for the purchase to be made. Donations over $50 are tax deductible and will receive a letter of acknowledgement. 

Please follow the Pay Pal link below to make a donation or make checks payable to:  Ashland Art Center and in the memo, write La Casa Clu Land Legacy! (Very important!) Send to:  357 E. Main St, Ashland, OR 97520

Please let Belle know of your contribution so she can track its receipt: • 541-488-1064 and 541-864-9116
With deep gratitude! Belle.

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Our Vision:

To enact real change for the future; to reach as many children as possible and, through play, fun, and the expression of positive feelings, to build an appropriate environment for healthy growth.

We are an institution located in the rural zone of San Ignacio in Nayarit, Mexico. We dedicate ourselves to playing with children from the community.

We are a club, a squad, a group of kids and adults who are changing the future of the community, one village at a time, Mexico and out to the world.

Through fun, motivation and learning we promote positive and healthy expression. We also offer therapy and psychological help to the kids and their parents and create activities, such as camps, lectures and food projects by season, that work towards the integration of the community.

We use arts, play, sports, creativity, and fun as tools for learning growth, belonging, and change in the lives of children and adults. We work through rewards, not punishment, through motivation not yelling.

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Our Values:

 Respect

 Tolerance

 Perseverance

 Gratitude

 Simplicity

 Honoring

 Nobility

 Equality

 Fun and Play


clu3About The Land:

Owning the land will give a strong sense of home to La Casa Clu and the children who call it their “Club House” and the adults who provide the heartfelt contribution that is called for. La Casa Clu is a Mexican NGO (not for profit) and the land will belong to that entity. There is a pride of it “being theirs” that will be taken to a whole new level and a strong sense of place and safety of “not having it taken away” that will become even more available and secure the future for La Casa Clu for next generations.



san igAbout San Ignacio, Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit:

San Ignacio is a small town in the Mexican state of Nayarit, located on the 125km of the Vallarta-Compostela road.


 High levels of domestic and interpersonal violence, and bullying

  Low levels of education (high school desertion), health and bad nutrition

  Poor infrastructure and lack of spaces for recreation

  Addiction