Donna Hertz

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Contact Information

Phone:  (541) 708-0134

Artist Statement

In every face, in every gesture, there is a secret. In my Artistic Renditions there is always a hint  of a secret, and my hope is that the observer will walk away curious, wondering what it might be. My subjects are varied: people I know, anonymous faces  I have seen in crowds, composites of several people who turn into a single being, and of course, people wandering in  my imagination. As I paint, each of my subjects must speak to me through the twinkle, the sadness, the gaiety of  the eyes,  the contour of the lips or the body movement. I do not feel successful or that I have finished  a piece until I have achieved this “personification” and made each Rendition come alive.

I work in soft pastel and water color.  My love of color comes from time spent in the Caribbean and times spent in wonderful corners of the world filled with multi-cultural images and energy.