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E-mail:  dam@ashlandhome.net
Phone:  (541) 488-9698


Artist Statement

Woman   Partner   Friend   Mother   Grandmother   Greatgrandmother   Collector   Builder   Photographer   Fixer   Designer   Dreamer   Artist

I thought myself a recycler – saving everything. I ruminate, cogitate, process through the night. I awake with this burning desire to create. It seems however, in artistic language, I must think anew. I will begin to fit myself into a style known as Assemblage (as putting stuff together). Here-to-fore, the stuff I assembled fell within the realm of education, children, career, survival and more – minus the art. While developing myself I earned an undergraduate degree in physical education and recreation with a minor in art. Ten years later a graduate degree in education and community development – no art. Along the way I managed to keep my fingers in some form of art, be it restoring antique furniture, conducting arts and crafts classes in recreation centers, exploring art with my children and grand children, pursuing photography or designing landscape, art was there. It took retirement and a move to Ashland to realize art is very personal. Years worth of thoughts and ideas began to pour out of me in ways I could never have imagined. There was no stopping me though space limited me as there was no more room for my creations. So much has changed: a new home. A double car garage (studio). Space. And now the idea of a community art center has sparked new energy in me. The next step for me is to put my art out there – expose myself to the public where I can receive feedback and begin to feel what the world of art has to offer. I welcome your comments and I am dam@ashlandhome.net.