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Artist Amy C. Godard first started teaching screen printing classes in 2005 to indie rockers, non-profit community groups, artists and non-artists alike looking for a way to get their message out !  Amy loves the medium of printmaking because of its ability to multiply a message and produce unique works of art that can take the form of t-shirts, art prints, fabric prints, cards and more. Amy also holds an Art degree from the University of Oregon with an emphasis on drawing and painting, and owns MAda Gallery and Puppet Theater downtown Ashland, Oregon.

Amy has worked with children and teens for many years. She has been teaching color theory, drawing, painting and crafts in children centers, art centers and elementary schools since 2006. She loves teaching arts and crafts not only because it is fun but because she believes it is important. It is by working with the hand and the eye that children develop their hand to eye coordination. As an Art Educator Amy is influenced by the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, color theories of Kandinsky and Goethe and the principles of basic design. Her projects are based around the child using quality materials that are both common and natural. When children make things that are useful and pleasing to them, they will experience a sense of pride in what they do.