Our Donors

The following foundations, organizations, businesses and individuals have joined us in supporting local arts and arts education and contributing to the quality of life in the Rogue Valley. We appreciate their support and rely on it to ensure a vibrant, creative art experience for our community. If you are interested in making a difference and becoming a member of the AAC, click here. Thank you!


Foundations and Organizations

100th Monkey Foundation
City of Ashland
Hearts & Vines
Mark P Terk Charitable Trust
The Sam Vierson Family Foundation
Tides Foundation

Community Members


Mercedes-Benz of Medford
Sunstone Artisan Bakery
Anne Hathaway’s B&B and Garden Suites



Anne Kellogg
Anne Lawrence
Barbara Goldfarb-Seles
Barbara Hetland
Baiba and Bryant Calhoun
Belle Bell
Bill Gates
Betty LaDuke
Bruce Richey
Carol Balone
Cynthia Scherr
Dale Muir
Dana Carman
Darlene Southworth
Deborah Dryden
Elaine Frenett
Elizabeth Rossi
Eugene Miller
George and Sally Peterson
Gigi and Hank Morgan
Holiana Sapinsley
Jennifer Miller
Jhenna Quinn Lewis
Jo Ann Manzone
John Fields
John and Jane Stromberg
Joyce Epstein
Judy and Bob Pocan
Judy and Ray Dewey
Julie O’Dwyer
Kathy Carter
Kerry Kencairn
Laura Lawrence
Lloyd Haines
Magdelana Vahey
Marilyn Northcross
Marla Morrissey
Matt Small
Margery Winter
Marion Elkjer
Moon Kyong Crowley
Nancy and Charley Pagani
Paula Sendar
Ramana Waymire
Renee Riley-Adams
Robert Sorrell
Robyn Lane Cockell
Sandi Risser
Sandra Claypool
Sandy Friend
Sharon & John Javna
Sid Field
Susanne Manley
Tanya Bemis
Ted and Tilly Gibbs
Terry Gardner
Thalia Keple
Vicki Gardner
Wendy Eppinger
Wendy Seldon


In-Kind Donations

Anna Hinkle
Jeffe Fitterer
Jenet Johnson
Sarah Burns