Main Exhibit Spaces

Premier Gallery Space

The Ashland Art Center has three levels: the main, upper and lower (basement) levels. The main level is where visitors enter the building.  The main floor also houses our main exhibit space also known as our Premier Gallery Space.  There are two types of artists that exhibit in our Premier Gallery Space: Gallery Artists (GAs) and Premier Gallery Artists (PGAs).  The Premier Gallery Space is an important part of the organization.  All of the proceeds made from the sales in this gallery space go towards operating expenses.  Having highly salable items in this gallery space is of utmost importance to Ashland Art Center.

Premier Gallery Artists

Premier Gallery Artists are artists who work in the Premier Gallery at the Ashland Art Center. Artists must apply to become Premier Gallery artists and display their work in the Premier Gallery.

PGAs shall agree to work a minimum of 4 hours per week in the Premier Gallery, either 10AM to 2PM or 2PM to 6PM, or as defined by agreement with the Volunteer Coordinator or the Executive Director. In addition, they shall attend periodically scheduled training for volunteer work positions. It is mandatory that all PGAs have e-mail accounts.

Premier Gallery Artists receive these benefits:

  • All future Ashland Art Center membership fees are waived. This benefit is not retroactive.
  • PGAs are able to display their artwork in the Premier Gallery without going through the normal jurying process.
  • The commission structure for a Premier Gallery Artist is higher than for a Gallery Artist. The commission structure is as follows:
    • 75% of sale price to artist
    • 25% of sale price to the Art Center

To Apply to become a PGA please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Robbin Pearce at

Gallery Artists

Gallery Artists display their work in the Premier Gallery, but do not work at the Ashland Art Center. To display work in the Premier Gallery as a Gallery Artist, you must do the following:

  • Pay for a basic Art Center membership.
  • Submit an Exhibit Committee application form. Download Application Here
  • Have your work accepted by the Exhibit Committee.
  • The commission structure for a Gallery Artist is:
    • 55% of sale price to the artist
    • 45% of sale price to the Art Center

To apply to become a GA please contact the Exhibiting Chairperson Claire McKenzie at