Community Clay Studio


The Clay Studio is located on the Lower Level of the Art Center. The studio contains wheels, work tables, project storage space, a slab roller, glazing area, sinks and two kilns.


The clay studio offers multiple drop-in classes for kids or adults. No sign-up or membership is needed– just show up when it fits your schedule! Check our schedule online for up to date class offerings. Drop-in classes are great for people of all experience levels; you can have as little or as much guidance from our teachers as you want. Classes are $15 for 2 hours.

You can expect to pay a few dollars worth of clay and firing in addition to instruction (a tall mug is about $4 for clay and firing).

Click here to view the AAC calendar and clay class details.


Membership is required to use the clay studio outside of class hours. If you are new to the studio, come to a drop-in class to get familiar with the studio before becoming a member. If your experience is limited, you may be asked to take classes to gain experience before becoming a member (usually about 8 classes). The membership application has more info and instructions.

Because we are small and rely on volunteers to run the studio, we do not offer membership for professional/production potters. We do however have members who spend lots of time playing with clay and sell their work in galleries. They are an integral part of our clay community!


The clay studio offers Δ6 stoneware and porcelain clay for sale. The cost is $14 for a 25lb bag. Students can also purchase clay by the pound during classes at $1/lb.


Lisa Eldredge Sgraffito Workshop

We make a variety of Δ6 glazes in house. There is never lead in our glazes, and they are food-safe unless otherwise noted. The cost of glaze use is wrapped up in our firing cost.


Volunteers run several group kiln loads a week to fire student and member work. The cost for students is 6¢ a cubic inch (a mug averages $1.75) and includes both firings and glaze use. Members can purchase firing by a partial kiln load at a reduced rate, or for students when they make a particularly large item that when measured by the inch would be excessively expensive.

We do occasionally fire a piece or two for non-members/students when they use Δ6 clay and build their piece safely. However, to take a load off our volunteers and equipment, we refer folks to Southern Oregon Clay Distributors for firing services when they just want kiln access on a regular basis. Check in with our clay studio manager for questions regarding this.


Tools, working equipment, and monetary donations are welcome and tax-deductible!

More questions? Contact our studio manager Lisa Eldredge:

Find out more by downloading the Clay Studio Application here.

Download the Clay studio information sheet