Art 2 Business

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Art 2 Business is an annual service where your business can choose the art/artists from
160 Southern Oregon artists to be displayed for a three month period of time. Your business has total control of what art is hung and when it is hung. It is a wonderful way to keep your office looking fresh with high quality artwork.

We even have sculpture, fiber art and pottery that you can choose to go with the wall art if you like. You also have the option to hold artist receptions and bring in potential clients to meet the artist and see your new show. A low yearly fee provides all of these benefits:

Beautiful and interesting decor:
Installing artwork on your walls or in your space enhances the environment and leads to improved employee morale and customer retention, and also brings in a larger client base.

Promotion and marketing:
This is an area of your business that needs to be exciting and inventive. Inviting your clients and the public into your business for artist receptions or participating in artwalks is a creative and fun way to get the word out about your business.

How it works:

We ask questions. In the beginning, we spend more time listening than talking. That’s the only way we can truly understand your problems, your needs, and your ideas about your space.

We help you set criteria for your decisions. There’s rarely just one right answer for a space. It depends on what we jointly decide to be most important to you. We’ll discuss your priorities, including overall look, speed, budget, quality, and service requirements, and we’ll set up some guidelines for the criteria you’ll use in making your decisions.

We offer expertise and advice. When we know what you want to achieve and what selection criteria are most important to you, we can make intelligent, informed proposals based on our extensive background in all phases of art consulting.

We manage the project details. After the art decisions are made, there’s still a lot of work to be done! We stay with you every step of the way to make sure the exhibit runs smoothly and seamlessly.