Art Supplies

Art Supplies Ashland Art CenterAshland Art Center is excited to host Ashland Hardware’s new satellite store Ashland Art Supply.

Ashland Art Supply offers a wide variety of supplies from painting and drawing to printmaking and ceramics materials and tools. Come see the new arrangement! We have doubled our shelf space since the new partnership began this spring. As part of this new and exciting partnership, all AAC members will receive a 20% discount on art supplies at the Art Center as well as a 5% discount on hardware at Ashland Hardware.

Supplies are available for purchase during the Art Center’s regular hours from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, seven days a week.

Ashland Art Supply carries professional and artist quality supplies, while Ashland Hardware carries student and hobby grade supplies. Ashland Art Supply is working in conjunction with Education @ AAC to provide supplies for classes.

Want to request something for us to carry? Leave a note at the front desk regarding your item, or call Ashland Hardware at 541-482-3647. We look forward to hearing from you!